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Flowers that represent Easter

Flowers that represent Easter

Date: March 5, 2021

Easter being around the corner also means that spring is coming. With Easter comes spring, and with spring comes the blooming of numerous beautiful spring flowers. However, some flowers are handpicked and considered Easter flowers for a couple of reasons. We will introduce you to six popular flowers that represent  Easter and cooperate exciting stories behind them.

Easter Lily

The Easter Lily is a quintessential Easter flower. I will give you a few reasons why Easter Lily is popular even though it doesn’t naturally bloom during the Easter season. The Lily has religious symbolism and myths, which makes it significant with the season. Its bulb religiously represents the tomb of Christ, and its emerging petals represent Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The Lily flower symbolizes purity, hope, and love. Some people even go as far as to believe that lilies only grow where Christ’s blood fell while he hung on the cross.   


Daffodils in the company of other spring bulbs symbolize new life. The history behind this flower doesn’t just end with the Easter celebration. Legend has it that the first-ever daffodil to grow was in the garden of Gethsemane, which comforted Jesus before his arrest and crucifixion. The English call Daffodils Lenten Lilies because they bloom during Lent.

Bouquet of Tulips


People often refer to the Tulip as the harbinger of spring. They are one of the first flowers to bloom during spring. They are associated with Easter mostly because their bulbs seem to come back to life. If you closely observe tulips, you will notice that their bright and multi-colored closed-blooms resembles the “Easter eggs”. It is a perfect table decorating item during an Easter get-together. 

Easter Cactus

The Easter Cactus is common in the Easter season. You will get to see them more often than usual in stores during Easter. It is an epiphytic cactus, which blossoms around Easter with different colors. The colors include white, lavender, orange, red, and pink. It has similarities with Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti. The Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti have spiny leaves, while the Easter cactus has more rounded leaves. Unlike other cacti, the Easter cactus flowers for ten to fourteen days instead of just four or five days.

Bouquet of Daisies


Daisy symbolizes loyalty, innocence, and purity. It served as an emblem of the infant Jesus in the 15th century. A legend affirms that daisies originated from the tears of the Virgin Mary as she cried during Christ’s crucifixion. Another ancient tale says that the three wise men knew where to find the infant Jesus because of the daisies growing around his birthplace. There is a wide variety of daisies in existence to suit all tastes.


Hyacinth has a unique and enchanting sweet fragrance. It is also one among the early spring bloomers. It can be gifted as a potted bulb to be replanted in a garden after the bloom dies out. They come in colors synonymous with Easter, colors such as pink, white, yellow, and shades of purple.

Next time you are putting together bouquets to give out as Easter gifts, don’t forget to include each of all six flowers mentioned above for an optimal effect on your friends and loved ones. They will appreciate that you choose flowers that represents Easter .