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Send Orchids

These striking Orchid plants will bring elegance and beauty to any room. No matter the color or type, From You Flowers guarantees the orchid delivered will take that special someone’s breath away! New to the orchid collection are orchid bouquet, with orchids arranged with a variety of flowers.

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Orchid Flowers for Delivery

Beautiful and striking orchids have several meanings--love, strength, luxury, prosperity and wealth. They are the perfect choice to say I love you, Congratulations, Thank You and many other occasions. Sending orchids also sends a message of how out-of-the ordinary that special someone is. A favorite of our customers are blue orchids and purple orchids, both are available from From You Flowers. Orchids are a wonderful Mother-in-law flower gift that you can send her for Mother's Day or her birthday. Orchids really are the answer when you wonder, what should I send? It's always Orchid flowers.

Orchid Flower

Each orchid stem bursts with many flower orchid at the top. For a small plant you can choose just to have one orchid stem with flowers at the top, or you can have a large orchid plant delivered that has up to four stems all bursting with flowers. Orchid flowers come in a variety of colors. The classic color is white orchid flowers, which we can deliver in a variety of vases. For more unique options check out the purple orchids, pink orchids and blue orchids. If you really want to wow someone today take a look at the orchid flower bouquet that mix orchid floral stems with other flower types all into one bouquet.

Orchid Flower Colors

How do you take care of potted orchids?

Orchids had a reputation for being finicky plants, but they are really very simple. It is easy to take care of your potted orchid when you know the trick, which is don't fuss over them. Once a week stick an ice cube or two into their pot, then let them be. Set them in an area of indirect sunlight but where it is bright. The orchid should thrive!

Orchid Arrangements

The most typical way to send an orchid is as a plant, but there are also orchid arrangements that are modern flower bouquet. Created by a local florist partner these orchid arrangements feature orchid stems along with more typical flowers from roses to lilies. Send an orchid arrangement for a meaningful day including wedding anniversaries and your significant other's birthday.

What type of orchids are there?

Orchids are a flowers with a diverse plant family, with about 800 genera and some 28,000 individual species. There are about 22 different kinds of orchids that are commonly used as house plants. The different type of orchids are: Miltonia, Psychopsis, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Brassia, Vanda, Maxillaria, Encyclia, Phaius, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Ludisia, Epidendrum Odontoglossum, Phragmipedium, Zygopetalum, Paphiopedilum, Catasetum, Lycaste, Vanilla, Brassavola.

Do Orchids make good gifts?

Orchids make a great gift. They are sophisticated and simple, and they last a long time if cared for correctly. At From You Flowers you are able to send orchids online to anyone. Orchids are a gift that anyone would appreciate, and can be given as a thank you or as a celebration.